Melissa Ballesteros in discussion with indigenous and campesino community leaders
Alekto will focus initially on access to justice projects in the north-eastern region of Colombia. The project will be run in partnership with the Colectivo de Abogados Luis Carlos Perez (CALCP), a collective of human rights lawyers that work with indigenous groups, internally displaced people and rural communities.

The objectives of the project are:

• To provide legal services for victims
of human rights abuses
• To increase communities’ knowledge and understanding of their rights and legal status
• To protect the cultural and natural heritage of the Motilon Bari communities, an indigenous people native to the region
• To enable communities to protect their environment and promote environmental rights
• To improve the quality of legal services available to communities affected by violence
• To increase awareness in the international arena of the issues faced by communities affected by violence.

Judith Maldonado at work in the Bucaramanga office
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Providing access to justice will take the form of three areas of work:

1. Provision of legal services, advice and representation to victims of the violence accesible through legal advice clinics at offices in the cities of Cucuta and Bucaramanga and mobile legal support teams visiting rural campesino and indigenous communities.

2. Provision of human and environmental rights education programmes to empower affected communities through workshops in the region with the general populace and the training of local leaders and members of victims associations.

3. Establishment of links with the international legal community to increase awareness of the issues arising in the region, widen the capacity of the Colombia lawyer’s to engage with the international legal arena and diminish the risk of corruption affecting legal processes through international monitoring cases.