Melissa Ballesteros running a rights education workshop for both rural farmers and indigenous people of the Motilon Bari
The Luis Carlos Perez Lawyers Collective (CALCP) is a non profit making entity, based in Bucaramanga the capital of the department of Santander in the north east of Colombia. The Collective was named after the well-known Colombian lawyer and professor from the Cauca Valley region, Dr. Luis Carlos Perez (1914 – 1998). He was a magistrate of the Supreme Court of Justice and teacher and rector at the National University and at the Free University in Colombia.

CALCP was founded in September 2001 with the intention of accompanying social organisations and displaced or vulnerable communities in the region.
Areas of Work:

• Legal Services
Provison of legal services and advice to those that have been forceably displaced or find themselves in vulnerable circumstances.

Training and capacity building work with the organisations accompanied by CALCP in the main issues that affect their basic rights and those of the people they represent.

• Organisational Strengthening
Provision of support to the organizational initiatives of communities and associations so that they are able to play and active role in the protection of their fundamental rights, their community and their environment.

company number: 6249975
address: c/o Alan Heywood & Co, 78 Mill Lane, London, NW6 1JZ
Melissa Ballesteros, Judith Maldonado (CALCP) and Nikki Evans (Alekto)

Their goals are:

• To make the law more accessible in the communities by placing ourselves in the service of the people affected by social, economic and cultural problems.

• To be a driving force behind the development of a democratic, pluralistic, tolerant society that respects fundamental human rights and international humanitarian law.

CALCP work with the displaced population, vulnerable and marginalised groups, students and union members.